InstallHub Campervan Conversions

Fully Loaded Campervans

If you are looking to purchase a fully loaded, luxurious campervan, whether it be for holidaying, racing or touring with a band, then look no further than Handsfree Group Leisure.

Utilising the state-of-the-art Installhub facility in York, the HF Leisure Division’s skilled FCS 1362 accredited FITAS engineers convert hundreds of Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen T5 vans per month into high spec campervans.  

With a choice of a “stock” conversion or working closely with the Leisure team to design a custom van, customers can have as much or as little input as they like.


The Installhub

Installhub’s primary role is providing specialist conversion and installation services to Handsfree Group’s impressive portfolio of transport, logistics and emergency service clients. Opened in 2016, it has successfully completed thousands of vehicle conversions and installations.

The ‘Hub’ allows the team to turn around fleet installations, pre-delivery vehicle fit outs and specialist conversions all in one state-of-the-art facility, which significantly reduces vehicle downtime for clients.

The ‘Hub’ works great for the HF Leisure team as it provides ample space to for the refit and manufacture of campervans from start to finish.  The facility allows the engineers, who are all trained to FCS1362 FITAS industry standards, to adapt existing equipment or manufacture their own designs, such as a steel tube fold out bed to fit an exact shape for a Sprinter design.  


Campervan Conversions

Given their vast experience in campervan conversions, the HF Leisure Division’s engineers know the Mercedes Sprinters and VW T5’s inside and out.  Each van type has a design template which can be adapted to suit an individual customer’s requirements or kept simple for “stock” vans ready to be driven away.  With access to a wide range of suppliers built up over the years, HF Leisure has access to all the latest cutting edge campervan equipment, such as the latest energy efficient solar panels.

Each van is designed and manufactured with care and precision.  If a customer is looking for something individual and unique, HF Leisure will work with them to make it happen.

HF Leisure like to place an individual stamp on each van to give the customers more than they were expecting. Recent examples of this include large embossed VW logos set into the lining of a camper roof and walls for an individual look, or your band logo set into the roof in colour changing fibre optics.

Handsfree Group Leisure and the Installhub offer the the ability to “customise and design your van the way you want it to fit your lifestyle requirements and budget”.

If you would like further information on this service or would like to arrange a demo, please contact us here.

Fleetwide Installation of Xplore Rugged Tablets

Handsfree Group installs the Xplore F5M rugged tablet to aid in Smart Meter Rollout

Identifying a Reliable Vehicle-Mounted Mobility Solution to Support Smart Meter Rollout

The UK Government implemented a Smart Meter roll-out program in 2011 with the aim for most households to have smart meters installed by their energy company by 2020. For utility companies to be able to deliver this to their customers efficiently, a need was identified for a vehicle mounted tablet to assist in the roll-out logistics.  

Specifically, the chosen tablet would need to prove that the Smart Meter installation had been completed and identified. Therefore, the ideal device would be able to take an image of the meter on site, enabling the field technician to submit a real-time digital installation report back to their depot on leaving the customer’s property.

The tablet also needed to be heavy duty, water resistant and able to withstand knocks, bumps, drops, dust and dirt.


Xplore F5 Rugged Tablet Provides Right Level of Secure Mobility, Information Access in the Field

The utility company chose to install the XPlore F5M rugged tablet solution throughout their entire fleet because of its proven durability and extreme workflow flexibility. The Xplore F5m enabled the utility company to manage field technician routing, customer details, installation details and other key field applications using a single computing system.

The Xplore F5m was put through a user committee to drive fast field technician acceptance, and all evaluators, ranging from age 20 to 50, loved it.

Built for demanding environments that require robust enterprise software compatibility, the Xplore F5m rugged tablet platform offers the durability and functionality needed to seamlessly go from the office, to the vehicle, to the field-all while staying connected and secure. It has a fixed handle, is nicely balanced and is easy to hold whilst working on foot. It also has a high-resolution View Anywhere® Display stacked with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, making it ideally suited for demanding outdoor environments where field technicians need to easily read detailed data.


Vehicle Installation

Xplore selected and appointed Handsfree Group to manage the installations due to their planning expertise, install experience and industry credentials, such as FITAS 1362 and Alcumus’ SafeContractor.

The countrywide installations have been a great success and has already seen  increased productivity, improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.



“Handsfree Group is well versed in the proper installation of rugged tablet solutions into large fleets spanning the country,” noted Sandy McCaskie, EMEA director of sales, Xplore. “To take a working vehicle off the road for a whole day for any reason costs businesses money.”

“So, when a company such as our client, one of the UK’s leading Utility Companies, needs to take a number of vehicles within their large fleet off the road for mobile solution installs, and across multiple operating locations, they need a partner with the specialised skills to complete the task within the shortest possible time.”

“Handsfree Group has proven to be more than capable of meeting their strict turnaround times to minimize each vehicle’s downtime.”

Innovation Advancement in Fleet Technology

Cutting Edge Technology is reshaping the Telematics Industry

Improving Performance

Fleet bosses across the UK are using innovative and state-of-the art telematics technology to stay ahead and improve the performance of their fleet.

Fleet technology is always changing and developing, meaning the next technological advancement is continually bombarding the sector. However, new technology always brings the potential for a meaningful impact on the fleet sector and therefore fleet managers.

Fleet managers need to onboard the latest telematics technology, to ensure their fleet is developing alongside their sectors benchmarking. From this, they can receive major benefits to their business and see first hand the fast improvements innovative technology can bring.

Improved Customer Service

Advanced vehicle telematics technology enables businesses to improve customer service. Telematics ensures Fleet managers will always know exactly where their fleet is, at all times, meaning faster response times for clients. Telematics also improves green credentials by reducing CO₂ emissions, provides companies with protection for their assets and increases productivity of an entire fleet.

Handsfree Group’s proprietary Datalive technology is a prime example of advanced telematics technology. The specialist Datalive team at Handsfree Group is continually evolving the design, development and release of their own fully customisable telematics solution. As a result Handsfree Group continues to be ahead of the curve in fleet technology.

Datalive 3G Vehicle CCTV System

Datalive’s exceptional 3G CCTV technology equips fleet managers with the ability to view activity in real time. This technology means, in the event of incident, vehicle footage can be remotely accessed immediately. Fleet managers can simply log in, select the vehicle and instantly view the live video, download or remote playback.

The Datalive 3G vehicle CCTV system provides fleet managers with a proactive approach in monitoring defects. Datalive telematics remotely monitors the health of the cameras and hard drive. The unit will send an automatic notification to their expert team if any defects have occurred within the camera or hard drive, ensuring exceptional standards are maintained for an entire fleet.

The Right Decision

Datalive’s 3G CCTV systems significantly benefit businesses. Their technology enables companies to mitigate road traffic accidents, improve driving standard by maximising duty of care and track and trace multiple vehicles simultaneously.  Their advanced CCTV systems reduce insurance claims by providing recorded footage; companies can therefore prevent fraud and disprove exaggerated claims with indisputable evidence.

Datalive advise and provide fleet owners with market leading fleet tracking, data and reports to run their fleets efficiently and reduce risks. Their specialised team have a wealth of experience in the comprehensive design and building of integrated Live CCTV systems and tracking solutions for vehicles, meaning you can find the right solution for your fleet today.

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