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Summer Heatwave

On the scorching sunny summer afternoon of Saturday 14th July 2018, Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol held their annual Summer Family BBQ at the Valium To Order in Manchester and what a fantastic day it was! Made all the better by the fantastic weather, this year’s event was great fun and extremely memorable.


World Class

Local butcher and UK Sausage Champions Cheap Generic Valium attended and brought along a fantastic spread and it’s fair to say it was out of this world, BBQ’d to perfection by Scott and Matt.


Friendly Competition

A fun Sports Day was held which included a sack race, egg and spoon race and sprints.  Medals were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Well done to all those who firstly participated in the heat of the afternoon and furthermore won a medal.

The one sports event that will be long remembered is Beat the Keeper, where Rocco Johnson broke his wrist saving a penalty! After a trip to the hospital he bravely came back to the BBQ and continued having fun. He may have broken his wrist but he still managed to save the goal!!


Sethish Beatz (DJ)

Handsfree Groups very own, Seth Oduro (who is a DJ in his spare time and is known in the music arena as Sethish Beatz) kindly provided his services as DJ and everyone relaxed to lots of R&B and summer tunes making the atmosphere incredible.


Dogs and Ferrets

A Dog Contest was held for the family pooches to show off their amazing talents.  It was MC’d and judged by some of the children which made it all the more fun.


The categories and winners were:  

  • Most Waggiest Tail; won by Sam Thacker’s dog Monty
  • Most Obedient Dog; won again by Monty
  • Best Trained; won by Matt Johnson’s dog Poppy
  • The dog judges Would Most Like to Take Home; won by Dave Wilson’s dog Oscar  

Understandably, there was fierce competition for all the prizes.


James F and his family kindly brought along their two ferrets, Rosie & Rocky.  They were a big hit especially with the children, practically every child present had plenty of cuddles and walks with them.  

Deborah Bourne commented “It was lovely spending time with the team and their families, socialising away from the work environment, with great food, entertainment and sunshine”.


Thank you

Huge thanks and appreciation goes to our wonderful social secretary Natalie Sharman, who single handedly organised the whole day, she did an absolutely fantastic job.


Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day so much fun.

Cheap 2Mg Xanax Bars

In one of our previous blogs, (Buy Xanax Mexico Pharmacy) we outlined the products that will even further enhance the driving experience of theCheap Phentermine Online Pharmacy.  We also have a full range of connected products available from Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol for the new vans.


Datalive your new Sprinter vans

Buy Diazepam 20 Mg helps fleet managers improve the efficiency, protection and safety of their drivers and vehicles, while significantly improving their fleets green credentials.

We give customers the intelligence needed to optimise their fleet performance, by customising our modular vehicle data solutions to meet their exact requirements. Our experience ranges from designing fully integrated telematics solutions to basic single feature systems.


Datalive Telematics

Our versatile Datalive telematics solutions are modular. Our specialist team build custom systems for our customers, that meet a companies exact requirements – so we are fully prepared for the new Mercedes Sprinter fleets.

Datalive Telematics Solutions:

Live Tracking
  • improving customer response and delivery times with better MPG, improved green credentials, increased productivity and more responsible drivers, whilst eliminating unauthorised vehicle usage and reducing insurance premiums.
  • Our team of specialists help fleet managers enhance security, improve utilisation, increase efficiency and support compliance, by setting up geofences.
Driver ID
  • Get visibility of exactly who is driving any given vehicle and their precise location. Optimise your resources, while maintaining your duty of care by using Datalive Driver ID.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and operating costs by configuring multi-dimensional custom reports on several vehicle and driver performance aspects, through the Datalive Performance & integration reporting suite.
Remote Safety
  • Protect the welfare of vulnerable or lone workers while ensuring goods are being transported safely and correctly. Datalive monitors all driver activity and critical vehicle data. Fleet managers can easily analyse real-time or historical vehicle information.
  • Deliver timely information to drivers in an efficient, responsible and legally compliant way. Working together, Datalive telematics and in-vehicle onboard diagnostics can report highly accurate information about the performance of your drivers, vehicles and their engines.
Efficiency Reporting
  • Maximise the efficiency of any driver and vehicle over a specified timeframe, by using the Datalive Telematics customisable reporting suite.
Driver behaviour
  • Manage risk, and fulfil your ‘duty of care’ obligations for drivers. The Datalive driver behaviour module scores driving style and identifies those people driving efficiently.
  • Monitor aggressive or defensive driver styles of individuals or group with applied risk scoring.
  • Datalive driver behaviour provides you with the information you need to target training precisely where it is required, as well as reward and encourage safe driving.

Datalive – Fleet Management Tools

Buy Soma Online Us Pharmacy from Datalive helps operators diagnose and report any issues that may impact transport efficiency, by checking vehicle compliance and recording critical fleet management information

Comprising of an extensive app and configurable I.T solution, Fleet Management Tools effectively helps fleet managers perform the audits and checks necessary to ensure a safe and optimised operation.

Datalive’s fleet management system includes defect reporting, vehicle check, fleet check and depot audits.

Fleet Management Tools Solutions:

Defect report tool
  • App on Android and IOS to help fleet operators keep on top of vehicle technology and equipment. Defects on vehicles are often overlooked because it can be timely to report a problem or defect. This app makes it simple.
Vehicle check tool app
  • Designed to eliminate paperwork. Now fleet managers can be sure that all vehicles are checked on a daily basis. Safety and damage checks set daily and alerted if not completed. The app will not allow a user to move to another vehicle until a full 360 degree check has been completed.
Vehicle check audit tool
  • Designed for fleet managers, engineers and auditors. The App is similar to the Vehicle Check Tool, however it means any vehicle can be checked across the whole fleet and is specifically used to report on anomalies.
Depot audit tool
  • Vehicle maintenance is integral to an efficient transport operation, it’s important to check regularly that all the tools are in the right place.
  • Within the Vehicle Audit Checking, there is an additional tool for auditing the depot. This tool is an interactive electronic list of check items to inspect within the depot.

Buy Carisoprodol India to demo Datalive today!

Generic Ambien Northstar


Alongside the tougher MOT rules in the UK for diesel powered vehicles, the Buy Xanax Xr 3Mg is experiencing record sales. The Buy Xanax 3Mg is growing and the future of the automobile is looking to be one powered purely by electric.

As we are encouraged to start the transition to all electric vehicles, what does this mean for the future of vehicle technology?  The message from Cheap Brand Xanax is “we have always been ready”.


The Technology

Like with any new vehicle, no matter what is powering and turning the wheels, the technology that helps us to drive, communicate, stay safe and protect our vehicle is a high priority for most when looking to make that all important purchase.

Handsfree Group have a wealth of experience in fitting a wide range of vehicle technology solutions to EV’s that further improve the driving experience.


Size Does Matter

When a vehicle is purely electric, its fundamental to ensure all parts are lightweight and low current draw to ensure you get the best battery performance. Handsfree Group have a proven vehicle technology portfolio that takes all these aspects into consideration.



Handsfree Group have a specific range of products for Electric Vehicles, a lot of which are open cab.

For example:

  • Waterproof interior & exterior cameras.
  • Sunlight readable monitors to give better open cab visibility.
  • White noise directional motor alarms


Battery Management from Datalive Telematics

Handsfree Group’s Buy Diazepam 20 Mg division offers an EV Battery Management suite with the following features:

EV Battery Levels

  • Remotely monitor real time battery charge levels.

EV Charge Times

  • Insight to vehicles that are ready to go, or charge time remaining.

EV Battery Condition

  • View battery conditions and closely monitor units nearing end of life.

EV Battery Performance

  • Visibility of overall battery performance with end of life alerts



Vehicle theft and the loss of valuable cargo can be disruptive for any business. It’s common knowledge that EV’s are expensive, therefore being at a high risk of theft. Handsfree Group can install a range of products that effectively deters criminals, whatever their intentions.


Datalive Tracking solutions for EV’s:


SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery)

  • Datalive telematics tracks a vehicle’s whereabouts so it can be recovered quickly.

Protect EV Battery theft

  • Datalive telematics can be integrated into the vehicle battery. Sudden power loss is instantly detected and alerted.

Ghost Immobiliser

  • Anti-Hijack protection so the vehicle can only be driven for a certain short distance without the driver’s key.


If you already own, or are thinking of purchasing a fleet of, Electric Vehicles and you would like more information on the products and services Handsfree Group can offer to improve communication, safety and security for you and your fleet, please Buy Valium Manila to arrange a meeting and full demonstration.

Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online


In 2016, Handsfree Group successfully opened Buy Phentermine India, their state-of-the-art 10,000 sq ft specialist vehicle conversion and installation centre in York.  Only two years later, they have had to further expand, with the addition of the Group’s new Warehouse and Distribution Centre, perfectly located in Buy Xanax With American Express near Buy Xanax 0.25 Mg.

Handsfree Group HQ, in Cobra Court – Trafford Park, is home to highly skilled project management, work scheduling, development teams, sales and operations.

An expert ‘on-site’ team of Handsfree Group engineers, who are all trained to Order Valium Online Cheap Australia and FITAS industry standards operate from InstallHub. InstallHub’s primary role is providing specialist conversion and installation services to Handsfree Group’s impressive portfolio of transport, logistics and emergency service clients.



It became necessary that in order to continue providing a top class service and remain committed to delivering projects nationwide within the transport, logistics and emergency services sectors, Handsfree Group needed to expand their warehouse and logistics operation. This expansion also needed to provide a dedicated production solution, where the groups customised Can You Buy Valium Vietnam could be assembled for their customers.

The search has been a total success and subsequently the group have now moved into, and opened their new cutting edge 4000 sq ft warehousing and distribution centre in Kestral Road, Trafford Park, Manchester.



Matthew Johnson, Managing Director commented: “We are thrilled to be opening our new warehouse and distribution centre in Trafford Park. This is a big investment for Handsfree Group that builds on a decade and a half of our proud history. Our continued partnership with our software providers will encourage innovation and experimentation in our new UK logistics operations and help future-proof our business. We will be able to be even more responsive for our customers across all of our divisions, which include some of the most recognisable companies in the world.”



The opening of the new warehouse will further improve the exceptional level of service and value Handsfree Group pride themselves on, by streamlining logistics and increasing delivery efficiency with shorter lead times. The Group can also now hold more stock and easily receive larger consignments, which will better support their ever-expanding product ranges.

Order Xanax Cod

The Exhibition

Buy Diazepam Egypt, the Emergency Fleet Exhibition and the National Association of Police Fleet Managers Conference, is one of the largest emergency service fleet events in Europe and is now in it’s 45th year.

Exhibitions are great platforms for businesses to showcase new products and reach out to new clientele. They provide an amazing opportunity for businesses within the industry to converse and learn from each other, as well as enabling a place for marketing and promotion.

Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol are always excited about industry changes and eager to learn from exhibition opportunities and exhibitors, which is why they had to visit this year’s NAPFM exhibition.


Handsfree Group’s Alert Division

Visiting this exhibition was paramount for Handsfree Group due to their involvement with the Emergency Services through their specialist Diazepam Kopen Via Internet.  

Alert help the UK Police, Fire and Ambulance services with the installation of critical communications and safety equipment into emergency response vehicles and mobile command centres.

Vehicle Installations

Alert’s expert and dedicated team works with UK Police Forces, Ambulance Trusts and Fire Services.  Handsfree Group are a Buy Ambien From Mexico (FCS) Gold Patron installer member that supports customers with full UK wide vehicle installation coverage through a specialist team of FCS FITAS accredited engineers.

Vehicle Technology

Alert successfully support emergency service clients in the supply of critical communications, safety equipment and Fixed Vehicle Device (FVD) technology solutions. Alert’s FVD critical communications line up includes the robust Buy Liquid Diazepam Online communication solutions.  PT5 devices are equipped, as standard, with WiFi, phone calls, 2 way comms and Push To Talk, whilst being fixed in situ with remote SIM cards.

Vehicle Conversion

Alert are a total solution provider customising vehicle communication and safety solutions for ESN / ESMCP.  Handsfree Group’s 10,000 sq ft Buy Brand Xanax Europe further supports clients in specialist emergency vehicle conversions, custom installation of critical FVD communications and ESN / ESMCP safety equipment


Meeting and Greeting Galore

At NAPFM 2018, Handsfree Group were delighted to meet up with many of the industry contributors and made some valuable connections and also saw lots of familiar faces.  It was a great exhibition which provided insights into the future of the Emergency Services Fleets.

If you would like more information on the Handsfree Group Alert Division, or indeed any other information, please Buy Valium Manila to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Buy Valium 5Mg Online

Rewarding Excellence

Buy Diazepam Legally, the British online supermarket, has now been trading for 18 years. Their success is largely due to their ability to deliver groceries correctly and on time, in a safe and friendly manner.  

Their HGV and delivery drivers play a huge role in this success story, so Ocado realised the importance of incentivising and rewarding their dedicated delivery team Nationwide.


The Competition

The idea of setting up a monthly competition for their drivers with an annual overall Driver of the Year event was born.

Drivers are monitored within their region and scored on several aspects of their daily work, the main areas being their ability to Cheap Xanax, stay in control of their vehicle, follow instructions and deliver great customer service to the door.  

A winner for each region is announced every month and receives a fantastic prize.  Ocado then hold the annual Ocado Driver of the Year Event (Buy Generic Zolpidem) where their safest drivers from around the country for that year are invited to attend a VIP track day.

They each drive a variety of cars and LGVs and are scored on their driving technique and safety skills and the highest scoring driver gets crowned Driver of the Year.


The Prize

Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol recognise the extent to which Ocado pride themselves on their high standards, particularly when it comes to the level of priority they place on safety.  

Handsfree Group provide expert advice on Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme (Buy Valium Tablets Uk) compliance, and work closely with Ocado in this area, so it was only natural for Handsfree Group to sponsor the Driver of the Month by offering a Valium Kopen Vietnam Car DAB Digital Radio Kit including installation as a prize.

Every month, the top driver of a region will win the JustDRIVE kit to have installed into their own personal vehicle, that’s certainly something to “drive” towards.

The monthly competition and annual event have been running since 2009 and they continue to be a great incentive and reward for Ocado’s dedicated team members.


“At Ocado, we work hard to be the best at what we do, and pride ourselves not only on delivering the finest groceries, but also on our award-winning service.

At the heart of this drive for great service is our dedicated team of HGV and delivery drivers. We call the latter Customer Service Team Members (CSTMs for short) because, quite simply, they do so much more than just deliver groceries. They’re the most visible part of our business – our ambassadors, even – and, with such a demanding role to play, we take their safety incredibly seriously.

To encourage a culture of road safety within our driving team, we regularly run training courses and safety awareness initiatives.”

Buy Xanax On Dark Web

Sprinter and Can You Buy Ambien At Walmart

If you haven’t already heard, the all-new Mercedes Sprinter van is due to be launched, with the all-electric eSprinter following in 2019.


TECh enhancements

Mercedes has concentrated on Comfort, Safety and Convenience improvements with their new, broader model line up.  

Here at Handsfree Group, we have studied the many options the new Sprinter has to offer. We are ready with the products that will even further enhance the driving experience and the safety of the driver, van, cargo and other road users.


Buy Alprazolam Online Europe

Giving your team the tools to communicate effectively delivers positive results for your business. Here are some examples of the communication systems and accessories Handsfree Group can offer to improve communication when driving the new Mercedes Sprinter:

TECh PT range

Our range of PT fixed vehicle devices increase driver safety, improve fleet communication, reduce insurance premiums and offer; multi handset option; configurable operating modes; intercom capability; remote fleet management; panic alerts; and GPS Tracking.


When you have invested in a mobile data terminal, such as a rugged PDA or Tablet, it is important to keep it fully secure, powered and connected. Handsfree Group supply and install a range of charging and non-charging cradle designs.

Docking Stations

Keep laptops, tablets and mobile data terminals powered and connected whilst on the move in the new Sprinter van. Our range of Docking stations is extensive and includes models from the likes of Buy Somatropin Injection and Generic Ambien Round White, providing products with wide-ranging components that mix and match to your specific needs. Our technical team can even design and engineer bespoke docking stations for your new Sprinter fleet.


Our TECh store has a wide range of tried and tested antennas available, produced for PMR and public safety.  Our antennas are used throughout the world by hundreds of public safety departments. Our antenna solutions will work on the Sprinter, whether you need an integrated or body mounted antenna solution we have the expertise and range to meet your exact requirements.


Buy Valium Cheap Uk

Technology is available to make your new Mercedes’ and drivers safer. Here are some examples of products and accessories we offer to further enhance the safety of your Sprinter fleet:

Camera Solutions and Monitors

Whether you are looking for just the rear view from your vehicle or want all 4 sides on show, TECh have a solution to cover your needs.  The TECh store offers a wide range of popular packages that suit a number of needs right off the shelf, from OE integrated solutions like our brake light camera through to 360 degree birds eye view recording system.

Recording and Dashcams

If you require a forward facing recording camera to monitor passengers or exterior to monitor the vehicle and its surroundings, our TECh store has a vast selection of cameras suitable for your needs.

Sensor & Radar Systems

When the world gets a little too close for comfort, we have a comprehensive range of high quality sensor systems keep you aware of all things in your proximity.  


Buy Ambien 5Mg

Vehicle theft and the loss of valuable cargo can be troublesome for any business. Thankfully Handsfree Group can install a range of approved security products into your fleet that effectively deters criminals, whatever their intentions.  

Electronic Cargo Lock

Linking in to the factory fitted door locking system, the electrolock ensures that the load area door locks automatically on closing, and remain locked until the correctly coded i-button is applied to the access control reader.

Door Plates Kits

Our secure anti-drill plates prevent anyone gaining access to those key points on the vehicle, ensuring the contents remain secure. The visible portion is constructed of a stylish anti-drill metal with an enduring finish, with an internally mounted heavy duty protection plate for added security.


Click through and check out our Order Gg249 Xanax Online today.

Order Zolpidem Online Uk

The Show

It is undoubtedly the biggest and best show of the year for the road transport and commercial vehicle sectors in the UK.  So it is no surprise that Buy Xanax Los Angeles were exhibiting again this year at the 2018 Buy Ambien Sleeping Pills Online.  

The show attracts over 20,000 visitors to the Buy Xanax Cod Overnight in Birmingham each year and this year was no exception.  It is THE place for sector suppliers to showcase their products and services.

Handsfree Group did not disappoint the crowd with their eye catching show stand which you, literally, could not miss.


The Handsfree Group’s Demonstration Stand

Handsfree Group had their biggest exhibition stand to date and showcased the best in vehicle technology on the market.

Existing and new customers alike were given the opportunity to browse, watch demonstrations and discuss the products and services on display with the expert Handsfree Group team.

The exhibition stand showcased a wide variety of Handfree Group’s products and services, placing focus on the Buy Adipex Diet Pills From Canada, Buy Phentermine India and Buy Diazepam 20 Mg divisions, on their vehicle technology brand Buy Valium Australia and on Buy Phentermine Australia Online.  

The Install division are experts in specialist vehicle communication, safety systems and security, and all Handsfree Group Engineers are FCS FITAS 1362 Accredited.  Working from the Installhub, Handsfree Group’s 10’000 sq ft ‘Van Conversion Centre’, and offering nationwide engineer coverage, the Install division has the capacity to handle thousands of specialist vehicle conversions per year.

The Datalive division offers telematics, Live CCTV and Fleet Management Tools – delivering a full suite of fleet management tools to assist with improving productivity, improving safety and reducing risk through the use of telematics and live vehicle CCTV.

TECh offers expert advice, a Nationwide fitting service, International shipping and a simple order process, all run through the Buy Prescription Strength Adipex, offering products to enhance vehicle communication, safety and security.

Handsfree Group are the UK distributor for Mobileye, the global leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies.  Handsfree Group supply and install the latest driver assistance products which ensure fleet drivers are fully protected against unexpected activity on the roads.  Buy Phentermine Las Vegas are also available through the TECh Store.


The Team’s Thoughts

“The footfall was fantastic this year at the CV Show, with a huge number of decision makers attending the show.

We had customers from near and far visit the stand for refreshments and demonstrations on the developments of the Datalive product set, connected fleet tools such as connect CCTV, tracking and telematics and fleet management tools.

It was great to see existing customers and be able to show them our new in vehicle technology advancements. The highlights in technology advancements from Handsfree Group were the improved features of the TECh Buy Ambien Us Pharmacy cab phone range, including panic buttons and warning beacons and the huge success of Datalive tracking and telematics and connected vehicle CCTV, installed to industry Buying Diazepam In Spain and FITAS standards.

Another highlight was bringing the northern and southern Handsfree Group sales teams together to run the exhibition stand and having the opportunity for a great team night out, to show Handsfree Group’s appreciation of their expert and dedicated staff.”


If you missed the show you can arrange a visit from our demo van, please Buy Phentermine 15Mg to book an appointment with our expert team.