Direct Vision Standards (DVS) and safety permits is a new legislation which will begin on 26th October 2020. The scheme is for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s) over 12 tonnes operating in Greater London and has been created to improve the safety of all road users including cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

This will mean that all 12 tonnes + HGV’s will require a safety permit to enter or operate in the Greater London region. In October 2019 the application systems opened, so fleets can now apply for the DVS permit in preparation for the changes. A star rating system will be used to determine whether the permit is issued. From zero to five stars with five being excellent. The minimum requirement in October 2020 will be one star however this will raise to 3 stars in 2024. The rating is based on how much the HGV driver can see directly through their cab window.

So, the BIG question for you is whether you are ready to apply for your permit or not? If the answer is no carry-on reading to hear what Handsfree Group can do to help you bring your HGV Vehicles in line with the legislation amongst other tips and advice.

Safety Systems

Handsfree Group are industry leaders in-vehicle technology. We offer our customers nationwide installation service by our highly skilled FCS1362 FITAS accredited installation technicians. Handsfree Group has a range of products available to assist you to ensure your vehicles meet the required Safe Systems specification for Direct Vision Standards. This is a series of safety measures for vehicles which are fitted after manufacture to improve visibility for drivers, reducing the risk of blind spot collisions. What you will need –

Camera monitoring system

Class V & VI mirrors

Proximity Sensors

Audible alert sensors – front and back  

Camera Monitoring System

The camera monitoring system will aim to eliminate or minimise the blind spot allowing drivers a clear sight on all views around the vehicle. Along with the cameras, an in-cab monitor will be required for this system. Handsfree Group has a selection of options available to fit this specification. Whether this is via a 4-camera system including forward, rear, nearside and offside cameras which can be connected or non-connected. Connected via Datalive Live CCTV, this will not only provide the driver with the required safety system but also allows Fleet Managers to monitor your vehicles with live footage or download historic data. Alternatively, the TECh 360 Camera solution utilises four wide-angle cameras mounted around the vehicle. The full 360° video will form a bird’s eye view of the vehicle. Both options will provide transport operators with the required coverage to comply with the policy.

Proximity Sensors

Sensor systems alert drivers to vulnerable road users including cyclists and pedestrians. Our TECh brand includes left turn alarm, side, back, corner and front scan. To comply with the regulation’s users will be required to install nearside sidescan and left turn alarm. All the sensors are audible alerting the driver with the left turn alarm alerting the other road users.

Vehicle Checks

Datalive Fleet Management tools are customisable and modular. The vehicle check app can be developed to include the necessary features for your drivers to complete vehicle checks regularly to ensure your vehicles are maintaining compliance and fully operational. We offer full service and maintenance with all installations, reporting via the app would then ensure all service calls are processed promptly to keep your fleet running efficiently.

 Next Steps

Don’t get caught out, contact Handsfree Group expert Sales Team on 0161 864 6440 or email sales@handsfree.co.uk to discuss the options available to you ahead of the upcoming Direct Vision Standards.

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