Last year it was announced by Transport for London (TFL) of the enforcement of Direct Vision Standard (DVS), new legislation which was scheduled to be enforced from 26th October 2020. DVS is part of the Mayor of London’s vision zero plan to eliminate death and serious injuries from road traffic incidents within Greater London by 2041. Between 2008 and 2013, 55% of cycling fatalities involved an HGV, with 1/3 of all traffic in London at peak times being freight transportation.

As with many of the key dates in 2020, this has now been delayed until 1st March 2021. HOWEVER, and most importantly the potential fines being issued for those non-compliant is the only part of the legislation being delayed. Meaning if your vehicle is involved in a collision you will be liable and insurance claims could be rejected due to non-compliance.

If you Haven’t Already, it is Important to Act now……

Firstly, you will need to establish where your vehicle/s fits within the star ratings. Every 12 tonne + HGV will have a rating between 0-5. The rating is based on how much the driver can see from the cab. This can be identified by contacting the manufacturer, whether this is DAF, Scania, Dennis Eagle or any HGV manufacturer. To obtain your rating you will need to provide the vehicle chassis number. Following this process if your vehicle/s are rated between 1+5 stars you are now in a position to apply for your DVS permit. More action is required for any 0 star rated vehicles.

Zero-star Rating?

Don’t worry, few vehicles meet the one-star or higher rating, you are not alone! You will need to make your vehicle safer with safe system improvements. The technology includes:

  • Camera System to eliminate the blind spot, giving the driver indirect vision around the vehicle.
  • Sensor Systems to warn the driver of the presence of vulnerable road users for example cyclists.
  • Additional mirrors, class V and VI to help the driver see and check the blind spot.
  • Audible Alarms to warn other road users when the vehicle is manoeuvring.
  • Clear Warning Signage, to warn pedestrians and cyclists of potential danger.

These safety solutions are designed to improve the driver’s visibility.

Applying for your Permit

Before you apply for your permit, be sure to have met the minimum requirements to be granted this. Handsfree Group’s DVS expert team, are here to help, advise and support you throughout the process.

Once you are in a position to submit your application, you will need the following:

  • Vehicle details
  • Two photos of the safe system equipment
  • Operator details
  • Contact details

For any safe system supplied and installed by Handsfree Group, this will be followed up with a Certificate of Authentication.

Ongoing DVS

Keep in mind, this will be reviewed in 2022 when a progressive safe system will be required. The specifics of this are yet to be confirmed.

From October 2024 all 12 tonnes + HGV’s will require a minimum of 3 stars. We’ll be ready to help you as and when with any further updates and changes required to ensure you run an efficient, safe fleet.

Vehicle Safety

Although this scheme is aimed at the direct vision the driver has from the cab within an HGV, it is still important to consider all other elements of safety. The legislation is a legal requirement, but you have a duty of care to put measures in place for the safety of your drivers, vehicles, and the general public. Technology can assist and provide you with extra measures to lead the safest fleet vehicles on the UK’s roads.

For more information regarding DVS or any vehicle safety technology, contact sales on 0161 864 6440 or email our team will be here to help, advise and guide you with your needs.

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