Euro 2020 (aka Euro 2021) is well underway and that got us thinking about teamwork and success. In football, teamwork applies both on and off the pitch. Every player contributes to the success of the team which requires understanding and trust from your teammates. The same applies at Handsfree Group, with our team playing a huge part in our success. As an organisation, each department collaborates to provide the best service for new and existing customers. Much like a football team where everyone from the backroom staff to the players on the pitch and leaders from the bench, everyone pulls together to push for success.


Football Managers have a great responsibility, they lead from the top supporting the whole team. Coaching as a group along with individual support on a 121 basis to help motivate the players. Football Managers can create a thriving team, and build a respectful mutual relationship with each player, both on and off the field. The Leadership team’s in a work environment operate in the same way, motivating, inspiring, supporting and guiding the team towards success. Relationships at this level are important within the sport and as important in the workplace.

Learn from your mistakes

Football teaches us to grow from mistakes and to bounce back as a team. Even great football teams know the feeling of defeat. It’s never fun to lose, but a good team doesn’t let a loss keep them down. By observing what went wrong, they can try to change their strategies for the next game. Teams in the workplace can learn to find lessons in the same way. Football players will inevitably get knocked down, but they continue to get back on their feet. Even if you don’t often make mistakes, make sure you learn from the experience — it’s what you decide to do with it that determines your ultimate success.

Positivity drives the team

From the players to the team manager, each person shares the same goal, to win the match. Through a positive attitude, the team have a greater power even in the face of defeat with positivity helping the team regroup and come out onto the pitch stronger for the next match. Creating a positive environment in the workplace where managers ensure their team feels supported, whilst building team morale will yield more success in the long run.

Importance of accountability

As a member of a team, your work isn’t just for you. You train hard and show up for your teammates, even on the days when you might not feel as inspired. Your success is shared with your team, and you feel a responsibility to the group as a whole to do your part. A strong sales team will run similarly. The sense of accountability to the team will fuel everyone to perform at their best.

Whether on a football field or in an office, teamwork is a skill that can make or break your success. Only by working together and understanding each other can you perform your best as a team. Football is much more than a game, especially when it comes to teamwork. The life lessons gained from this collaborative sport can help professionals work better in their teams and achieve the success they are striving for.

Wishing England, Scotland and Wales the best of luck for rest of the tournament!

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