Light Commercial Vehicle Security

More and more people are placing shopping orders online, meaning we are seeing more commercial vehicles on our roads. Since March 2015 internet sales have increased from 11.7% to 21.3%. This is a figure that continues to rise each year.

Security must be a high priority for delivery companies, not only to help win the elite contracts but also to ensure their cargo is secure and protect drivers who most likely will be operating as lone workers. These vehicles can be carrying a variety of items, anything from light bulbs to iPads and all in between, all of which is valuable to the end customer.

Here’s our guide with some security product, tips and hints to help keep your commercial vehicles secure.

Lock your Doors

This may seem like a stupid thing to say, of course, you lock your doors when leaving the vehicle ALWAYS!! Well, you may be surprised to learn that a high percentage of stolen commercial vehicles or theft of goods occur through drivers leaving vehicles unattended and unlocked.

Additional security measures for your load area can be put in place to assist with this common occurrence including –

Electronic Cargo Door Locks

This innovative piece of kit is installed to commercial vehicles in addition to the standard locking system. Installed to the load area doors, both side and back the system will ensure the doors are automatically locked upon closure. A magnetic fob known as a Dallas key is then used to gain re-entry into the relevant area. Electronic Cargo Door Locks are best sellers within the industry and can be found on many commercial vehicles operating across the UK.


Mechanical Slamlocks

A similar idea to the Electronic Cargo Door Locks with the doors locking once closed. However, the Mechanical Slamlocks operate with a key. If you’re looking for the cheaper alternative this may be the option, you require.

Close your Windows

Again, this may seem obvious, but many people step away from their vehicle leaving the windows open. The opportunity may then be extremely inviting for potential theft.

Anti-drill Plates

An added deterrent to stop the opportunist even attempting to approach your vehicle. As the clue in the title says, these plates can’t be drilled into. Alongside the internal plates covering the vulnerable points on the vehicle, an external plate will be visible to show your vehicle is protected. These Anti-Drill Plates give delivery companies a cost-effective solution to secure light commercial vehicles.


When purchasing your vehicle, check if the spec comes with factory fitted deadlocks. Deadlocks are separate from the vehicle locking system but are extremely difficult for thieves to pick, giving you the added security from the start.

Tracking and Telematics

There are many benefits for fleets who are using Datalive Telematics including security, safety and efficiency.

Let’s talk about security features. With live vehicle tracking, fleet managers/planners can monitor the whereabouts of all vehicles, trace routes giving you eyes on all your delivery vehicles at any time. So, in that worst-case scenario, if your vehicle is stolen, you will be able to track its location minimising damage limitation.

Using Driver ID allows the transport team to have visibility on any given vehicle, their precise location and who is driving the vehicle.

TECh Vehicle Security

With lot’s to think about here’s a short video about vehicle security from Handsfree Group

So, what next?

If you would like any further information on any of the security products available from Handsfree Group contact us at or by calling 0161 864 6440.

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