Cutting Edge Technology is reshaping the Telematics Industry

Improving Performance

Fleet bosses across the UK are using innovative and state-of-the art telematics technology to stay ahead and improve the performance of their fleet.

Fleet technology is always changing and developing, meaning the next technological advancement is continually bombarding the sector. However, new technology always brings the potential for a meaningful impact on the fleet sector and therefore fleet managers.

Fleet managers need to onboard the latest telematics technology, to ensure their fleet is developing alongside their sectors benchmarking. From this, they can receive major benefits to their business and see first hand the fast improvements innovative technology can bring.

Improved Customer Service

Advanced vehicle telematics technology enables businesses to improve customer service. Telematics ensures Fleet managers will always know exactly where their fleet is, at all times, meaning faster response times for clients. Telematics also improves green credentials by reducing CO₂ emissions, provides companies with protection for their assets and increases productivity of an entire fleet.

Handsfree Group’s proprietary Datalive technology is a prime example of advanced telematics technology. The specialist Datalive team at Handsfree Group is continually evolving the design, development and release of their own fully customisable telematics solution. As a result Handsfree Group continues to be ahead of the curve in fleet technology.

Datalive 3G Vehicle CCTV System

Datalive’s exceptional 3G CCTV technology equips fleet managers with the ability to view activity in real time. This technology means, in the event of incident, vehicle footage can be remotely accessed immediately. Fleet managers can simply log in, select the vehicle and instantly view the live video, download or remote playback.

The Datalive 3G vehicle CCTV system provides fleet managers with a proactive approach in monitoring defects. Datalive telematics remotely monitors the health of the cameras and hard drive. The unit will send an automatic notification to their expert team if any defects have occurred within the camera or hard drive, ensuring exceptional standards are maintained for an entire fleet.

The Right Decision

Datalive’s 3G CCTV systems significantly benefit businesses. Their technology enables companies to mitigate road traffic accidents, improve driving standard by maximising duty of care and track and trace multiple vehicles simultaneously.  Their advanced CCTV systems reduce insurance claims by providing recorded footage; companies can therefore prevent fraud and disprove exaggerated claims with indisputable evidence.

Datalive advise and provide fleet owners with market leading fleet tracking, data and reports to run their fleets efficiently and reduce risks. Their specialised team have a wealth of experience in the comprehensive design and building of integrated Live CCTV systems and tracking solutions for vehicles, meaning you can find the right solution for your fleet today.

CLICK HERE to get in touch with the Datalive team and discuss your fleet requirements.

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