Handsfree Exceed Safety Standards

Collision Contributions

Too many accidents are happening because of poor safety and poor visibility when reversing or driving in challenging areas and conditions. Road traffic incidents are still at a high and are happening due to a combination of factors, such as the environment, vehicles, road users and the way all of these components interact. 

Some of these factors can cause hazardous situations contributing to collisions and can even lead to fatalities. These consequences strongly emphasise why businesses should have no tolerance for poor safety, especially when procedures and systems can be put in place to mitigate the risks.  

Safety Improvements

Before recent road traffic safety regulations were imposed incident rates on the roads were higher, while precautions concerning driver and public safety were not enforced. However, there have been significant improvements in road traffic laws, safety standards and cutting edge vehicle technology.

Impacts on Businesses

Safer vehicles have a positive impact on your business as they decrease risks when driving and also reduce downtime as a result of fewer accidents. Technology is available to make fleets, vehicles and drivers safer and more efficient.

New technology means there should be no excuses to atrocious safety or responsibility. State of art of technology, such as collision avoidance systems, are available on the market.

Businesses should utilise new vehicle technology products to help employees improve the way they drive and promote safety, while making every effort to reduce vehicle running costs.

Safety Solutions

Handsfree Group support businesses in their drive to protect employees and the public with an exceptional range of vehicle technology products. Their ingenious technology products are rigorously tested and can be adapted to suit the individual needs of a fleet, through their bespoke supply and award winning installation service.

Handsfree Group have a high commitment to industry safety regulations which is why they work closely with partners and industry regulators, ensuring their all of their expert engineers attain the highly regarded FITAS accreditation and support FCS 1362.

With an extensive range of safety products and systems, such as Safety Reversing Cameras and Mobileye collision avoidance systems, your fleet can experience efficient and reliable safety. Click the link to find out more.

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