Amelia Streeter-Smith has a rafter of photos and stories from her grandparents, of whom she is very proud. Here are a few…

  • My grandmother (WRN Suzanna Stobbs ne McCarthy) and her sister – Naval nurses, sewing their uniforms.
  • 1939 (not 1937) – Navy Medical Crew photo in preparation for departing to Trincamelee.
  • 1939 – Onboard ship to Trincamelee (Ceylon/ Sir Lanka) to open a hospital to support our allies overseas.
  • My Grandfather (Lt. Cdr. John Lesley Stobbs) in the Royal Navy
  • 1944 – Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • 1943 – HMS Eclipse bombed 24th Oct 1943, my grandfather survived with the only remnants of Eclipse – the sword!
  • 1945 – D Day Flotilla Subs, Mulberry: Submariner & specialist navigator, prepping the subs for D day.
  • Newspaper cutting after the HMS Exeter was found by HMS Maidstone after 5 years missing. Grandad Captained the HMS Maidstone as part of a rescue mission.
  • 1945 – 1995: Commemorative 50 year celebration newspaper cutting