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Live Vehicle CCTV

Datalive CCTV is our monitoring software for laptops and PCs. Users can remotely view live in-car CCTV camera feeds and recordings in real time from up to 70 various sites. Up to 16 streams can be viewed on one of nine available desktops.Workspace files comprised of different groups of sites or vehicles can be easily imported to expand the number of sites that can be monitored from a single workstation. Making monitoring your fleet of vehicles a breeze.

Datalive CCTV

datalive presentation phone

In addition to using Datalive CCTV for viewing live/recorded video, users can configure alarm notification types and receive real-time alerts whenever a potential security breach has occurred.

datalive presentation phone

Mapping software with integrated video for tracking vehicles’
locations, speeds and direction of travel are fully supported
in the Datalive CCTV and users even have the ability to
view site maps of camera or sensor installations to help
contextualise a video stream or sensor trigger.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous connections to dozens of video gateways and up to 144 video streams
  • Simultaneous display of up to 16 live and recorded video streams
  • Simultaneous downloading of multiple events from different gateways/cameras
  • Configurable notifications (sirens, pop-ups or WAV voice notifications) for VMD and sensor-triggered events
  • Configurable automated rotation of the video streams displayed – cycling from camera to camera and/or one video gateway to another
  • Integrated site maps representing secured area and the corresponding locations of cameras and sensors
  • Integrated GPS maps (Mapnik, Nokia Ovi, Google Hybrid, Google Streets, Google Satellite and Google Physical Maps) for tracking mobile video gateways

Datalive CCTV Infrastructure