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Why Datalive?

Datalive Software helps fleet managers improve the efficiency, protection and safety of their drivers and vehicles. It gives you intelligence needed to optimise your fleet performance by customising our modular vehicle data solutions.

We can help with Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Direct Vision Standards (DVS), and we are also an approved IT supplier for the Earned Recognition Scheme.

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Customised, modular, intelligent tools for transport, logstic, and first response clients.


Datalive’s web-based telematics solution provides managers with 24/7 intelligence, valuable insights, and complete operational control for a more cost-effective, safe, and efficient fleet. Built for vehicles and equipment, our solution is flexible and modular, and can be customised to meet the specific needs of your company. Our dedicated team specialise in building bespoke systems tailored to match our customers' exact requirements.

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Track It

Live location and key status of your entire fleet and assets. Monitor who is driving, the speed, and odometer reading.

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Trace It

Historical overview of a vehicles journey showing duration, distance and stops. Review the route taken on an easy-to-use map.

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Analyse It

Analyse your driver's behaviour using a customisable scoring system. Evaluate acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and idling performance.

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Report It

Improve the efficiency, productivity and security of your vehicles. Empower your drivers to improve performance and increase safety. Improve reporting and digital audit trails.

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Datalive’s Connected AI Cameras protect the welfare of lone workers and vulnerable road users while ensuring vehicles or consignments are being driven safely and correctly. Our AI-powered fleet dashcams and mobile DVRs improve driver performance; ultimately save lives by detecting and alerting against hazards on the road as well as high-risk driver behaviours.

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Stream It

View live audio and video footage through your vehicle's bespoke camera system. Proactively monitor and assist drivers remotely and provide real-time customer updates.

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Filter It

Cutting-edge AI technology removes false positive events. Fast and highly accurate AI provides powerful analysis and reduces manual validation, which is time-consuming and costly.

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Review It

Review triggered driving and speeding events. Download video footage, searchable by date and time. Investigate claims efficiently based on a priority of Red, Amber and Green rating without costly vehicle downtime.

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Report It

Report any accidents or incidents directly into your internal/external FNOL team. Proactive risk intervention reporting can help improve driver welfare and efficiency.

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Datalive’s Digital Fleet Compliance solution helps operators to set and maintain high standards of professionalism and reliability across their fleet. Our comprehensive suite of apps effectively supports fleet managers in performing audits and checks; ensuring that high standards of vehicle condition are optimised and maintained. Our solution can effectively support your DVSA Earned Recognition compliance.

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Check It

Digitalise daily vehicle checks and complete remote vehicle inspection reports. Indicate via the app, any damage or maintenance issues on an interactive vehicle diagram.

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Defect It

Manage your fleet defects, from initial report to repair. Provides cohesive collaboration between drivers, planners, managers, and 3rd party garages.

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Inspect It

Schedule and complete vehicle safety inspections and MOTs, ensuring compliance across your fleet. Plan effectively to reduce downtime of vehicles.

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Achieve It

Our DVSA approved software can help fleets achieve FORS and Earned Recognition status. Providing interactive communication between auditors, managers and operators to fall in line with ISO guidelines.

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Onboard It

Easily onboard your drivers. Record, validate, and monitor expiring documentation, ensuring compliance. The app also offers a fully customisable driver training process.

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Intelligently protect drivers and road users with the power of AI



Our AI-powered fleet cameras and mobile DVRs continuously analyse road conditions and driver performance to detect potential hazards and distractions.

In-cab notifications alert the driver to dangers ahead or in their behaviour, while an office-based fleet manager can monitor areas of concern both in real-time and historically.

  • Pedestrian and cyclist detection
  • Front/Rear/Side View: Detection range 0.5-20M adjustable; Bird View: 3M*6M detection area adjustable.
  • Adjustable zones to show detected areas.
  • Full high-definition video output, can be overlaid with colour zones and pedestrian warning information.
  • No control box needed, can be directly connected to normal monitors/DVR.
  • Audio alarm output, external loudpseaker supported.
  • Calibration via Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Waterproof/dustproof rated to IP69K
  • Automatic upgrade via USB

This camera is an essential driving aid and is suitable for larger commercial vehicles such as HGVs, buses, vans, plant and other construction equipment. This all-in-one unit can also replace a side scan system, and is both TFL approved and DVS compliant.

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