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Handsfree Group provide a clear route to all the methods available in the Decommissioning and Remarketing of Fleet Vehicles.

Why choose Fleet?

Buy Phentermine From Uk

Our commercial vehicle disposal services are professional, reliable and cost effective. Your investment is minimised by the fact that we provide a full solution process with no other additional services required by third parties.

Added Value

Due to the volume of decommissioning and remarketing we complete we have vast and secure compounds to keep vehicles in a controlled environment. Our clients receive a value for money service recovery and removal costs are therefore kept to a minimum as a result.


All our drivers are experienced and fully insured to transport our client’s vehicles across the UK. An additional reassurance is our compliance with all DVLA requirements and road transport legalities.

Environmentally Friendly

The re-marketing of fleet vehicles and our responsible approach to the environmental impact of vehicle disposal gives our clients peace of mind and a satisfaction that the chosen method of disposal is completed in a professional corporate manner.

Our services

Buy Phentermine From Uk

We will collect the vehicles from your depot and provide a full vehicle check and condition report in situ.

Removal of Livery

Our team will remove all sticker branding/advertising from the vehicle returning it to the appearance of the vehicle’s original specification.


All equipment and technology installed in the vehicle sensitive to our client’s business will be removed and returned or disposed of if instructed to do so. Your vehicles can be de-installed to the original manufacturer’s specification.


We will carry out all required vehicle repairs to maximise the recycling value of each vehicle. Our team will valet and wash the vehicles to enhance appearance and presentation.

Sale/Export and Transfer of Ownsership

We work directly with the UK major commercial and trade vehicle auction organisations and dealerships for the sale and transfer of vehicle ownership. All V5/SORN documentation is clearly recorded and V23 documents submitted as required.