The Commercial Vehicle Show 2018 – “The Big One”

The Show

It is undoubtedly the biggest and best show of the year for the road transport and commercial vehicle sectors in the UK.  So it is no surprise that Handsfree Group were exhibiting again this year at the 2018 CV Show.  

The show attracts over 20,000 visitors to the NEC in Birmingham each year and this year was no exception.  It is THE place for sector suppliers to showcase their products and services.

Handsfree Group did not disappoint the crowd with their eye catching show stand which you, literally, could not miss.


The Handsfree Group’s Demonstration Stand

Handsfree Group had their biggest exhibition stand to date and showcased the best in vehicle technology on the market.

Existing and new customers alike were given the opportunity to browse, watch demonstrations and discuss the products and services on display with the expert Handsfree Group team.

The exhibition stand showcased a wide variety of Handfree Group’s products and services, placing focus on the Install, Installhub and Datalive divisions, on their vehicle technology brand TECh and on Mobileye.  

The Install division are experts in specialist vehicle communication, safety systems and security, and all Handsfree Group Engineers are FCS FITAS 1362 Accredited.  Working from the Installhub, Handsfree Group’s 10’000 sq ft ‘Van Conversion Centre’, and offering nationwide engineer coverage, the Install division has the capacity to handle thousands of specialist vehicle conversions per year.

The Datalive division offers telematics, Live CCTV and Fleet Management Tools – delivering a full suite of fleet management tools to assist with improving productivity, improving safety and reducing risk through the use of telematics and live vehicle CCTV.

TECh offers expert advice, a Nationwide fitting service, International shipping and a simple order process, all run through the TECh Store, offering products to enhance vehicle communication, safety and security.

Handsfree Group are the UK distributor for Mobileye, the global leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies.  Handsfree Group supply and install the latest driver assistance products which ensure fleet drivers are fully protected against unexpected activity on the roads.  The Mobileye products are also available through the TECh Store.


The Team’s Thoughts

“The footfall was fantastic this year at the CV Show, with a huge number of decision makers attending the show.

We had customers from near and far visit the stand for refreshments and demonstrations on the developments of the Datalive product set, connected fleet tools such as connect CCTV, tracking and telematics and fleet management tools.

It was great to see existing customers and be able to show them our new in vehicle technology advancements. The highlights in technology advancements from Handsfree Group were the improved features of the TECh PT5 cab phone range, including panic buttons and warning beacons and the huge success of Datalive tracking and telematics and connected vehicle CCTV, installed to industry FCS1362 and FITAS standards.

Another highlight was bringing the northern and southern Handsfree Group sales teams together to run the exhibition stand and having the opportunity for a great team night out, to show Handsfree Group’s appreciation of their expert and dedicated staff.”


If you missed the show you can arrange a visit from our demo van, please contact us to book an appointment with our expert team.

FPS Expo 2018 – Award Winning Exhibition

The Exhibition

The FPS Expo exhibition is the leading event for the oil distribution industry in the UK and Ireland and took place this year in mid April.  The event is organised by The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers and is now in it’s 38th year.  Handsfree Group have exhibited at the event for the past 12 years, with great success, so exhibiting again this year was an honour and a pleasure for the team.   

The event was held at the spectacular Exhibition Centre Liverpool (ECL) and brought together over 150 exhibitors all looking to launch or review products and services and meet new or existing clients.  


The Handsfree Group’s Demonstration Stand

Handsfree Group’s stand at the FPS Expo was a showcase of three core divisions covering a wide variety of products and services:

Install – Fleet Vehicle Installations – Handsfree Group engineers operate across the UK and are experts in specialist vehicle communication, safety systems and security. All Handsfree Group Engineers are FCS FITAS 1362 Accredited, providing peace of mind that the technology in the vehicles is being serviced or installed by qualified industry professionals. Handsfree Group’s company wide certification demonstrates to customers understanding and assures industry standards will be upheld.  The Installhub is Install’s 10’000 sq ft ‘Service Centre’.  It has the capacity to handle thousands of specialist vehicle conversions per year and is Handsfree Group’s biggest workshop site to date.

Datalive – Telematics, Live Vehicle CCTV & Fleet Management Tools – Datalive provides fleet owners with the appropriate fleet tracking, data and reports to efficiently run their fleets. Datalive delivers a full suite of fleet management tools to assist with improving productivity, improving safety and reducing risk.

TECh – Vehicle Technology – Expert Advice, Nationwide fitting service, International shipping, simple order process.  The TECh Store offers products to enhance vehicle communication, safety and security, some of which were on display and available for demonstration at the FPS Expo, including the range of PT5 cab phones.

The Team’s Thoughts

“The week of the exhibition was a beautiful one, the weather was glorious and the venue was outstanding.

The FPS Expo was a busy event and was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our new in-vehicle technology advancements.

The highlights in technology advancements from Handsfree Group were the improved features of the TECh PT5, including panic buttons and warning beacons. We also received some great feedback on the success of Datalive tracking, telematics and connected vehicle CCTV, all installed to industry FCS1362 and FITAS standards.

It really was good to talk to so many existing and new customers all working together towards fleet safety and efficiency.”

British Transport Advisory Consortium Conference 2017

Handsfree Group attend the 2017 British Transport Advisory Consortium Conference

The Conference

There was an impressive turn out to what was a very informative conference, focussing on industry news, cost saving and best practise.

From alternative fuels and electric driving to the DVSA introducing an earned recognition scheme, the conference was packed full of a wide variety of useful insights for all attendees to take away.

Handsfree Group UK Sales Director, Chris Baines, attended the conference and these were his 4 biggest takeaway points from the day.

Takeaway Point 1

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel is revolutionary, not only saving cost on fuel but protecting the environment at the same time. Waitrose are leading the way with Bio-Metheyne (Bio CNG) Alternative Fuel powered vehicles by making the switch already.

A great deal was discussed about CNG (methane stored at high pressure) – a fuel which can be used in place of gasoline (petrol), Diesel fuel and propane/LPG. CNG combustion produces fewer undesirable gases than the traditional vehicle fuels.

CNG Fuels are the company supplying the gas pumps to Waitrose, their vision is as follows:

  • “To develop a Bio-CNG refuelling network with the capability to service all of the UK’s major trucking routes.”
  • “To build a network that is so reliable and dispenses CNG at such a low cost, that Bio-CNG is the only sensible choice for fleet operators.”
  • “To see HGV fleets in the UK catch up with international peers by running predominantly on low-emissions, low-cost biomethane.”

An average HGV does 200K KM per year and averages an MPG of 9-10 miles per gallon. At current prices (£1.19 per litre) it can cost £68’800 per annum in diesel per vehicle. Switching to CNG alternatives can see savings of up to 43%.

When you consider that the average logistics operator is running at around 3% – 4% margin, with the biggest costs being fuel, switching makes sense and could boost operator margin to 8%.

Take Away Point 2

A conference exclusive… Tesla to launch electric HGV.  This was a very exciting part of the conference, as we could see electric HGV take to the road very soon.  

Tesla’s truck could have a range of 200-300 miles which is impressive for what the company are calling the “small-range” model. They are looking to expand into long-distance models capable of 1000 miles on a single charge.

The news has now broken mainstream with reports of Tesla’s Elon Musk describing the commercial vehicle as a “beast” and confirming the company’s all-electric truck reveal date of 26th October 2017.

Take Away Point 3

We have all heard a few murmurings in the press about future Diesel engine production stopping and now it is becoming a reality – Volvo are to stop producing Diesel engines for its car division from 2019, switching to fully electric or hybrid only.  They will be launching five fully electric cars between 2019 and 2021 – three Volvos and two from Polestar, their high performance division.  

The rising costs of running a Diesel vehicle (cost of Diesel, threat of extra taxes, extra parking charges and increased congestion charges in London to name a few) and increased demand for electrified vehicles has all contributed towards Volvo’s decision which marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car.

Take Away Point 4

The DVSA are introducing a revolutionary earned recognition scheme that makes vehicle safety related information accessible.

Once a vehicle is audited and compliant, a VOSA Highway Patrol car will be able to remotely check its maintenance records to ensure everything is in order.

Applications are officially now open for the new scheme and it could become mandatory for fleets, in a similar way to how ELD (Electronic Logging Device) has done in the U.S.

Tomorrows World

Vehicles have developed a lot in the past 40 years, however the feeling from the conference is that the next 40 could be just as big, if not bigger.

Successful car manufacturers of the future will be software driven, so players like Google and Apple are likely to be those manufacturers, not the typical OE manufacturers of today.

In contrast, with computer giant Apple making $70’000 profit every 60 seconds it could buy Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen, while still having enough change to buy McDonalds.


Were you at the British Transport Advisory Consortium Conference this year and what did you think?


September Industry Exhibitions

Handsfree Group set to attend the latest exhibitions

Bringing Industries Together

Exhibitions are great platforms for an industry to showcase new products and reach out to new clientele. They provide an amazing opportunity for businesses within the industry to converse and learn from each other, as well as enabling a place for marketing and promotion.

Handsfree Group are always excited about industry changes and are eager to learn from exhibition opportunities which is why they are delighted to be attending two great trade  September industry exhibitions.

RWM Exhibition

The next RWM exhibition will be taking place at The NEC, Birmingham between the 12th and 14th September 2017. Each year over 500 exhibitors and more than 11,000 visitors from the Waste, Energy, Water, Renewables and Recycling industries attend the event to network, learn from experts and to source the latest solutions for their businesses.

RWN organise their popular exhibitions to play a part in One Planet Living and aim to connect technology innovators and influencers with businesses, public sector bodies and governments that are both environmentally sound and business efficient.

Visitors can expect to see varying transport industries coming together and learn how businesses can challenge communities and policy makers to stay focused on creating a resource efficient future.

Handsfree Group are especially interested in meeting current and future clients at the RWM exhibition to discuss new innovative ways to transport, collect and handle materials, improving the efficiency and safety of businesses on the road.

TCS & D Exhibition

The latest TCS & D exhibition will start on the 13th September 2017 for two days in Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Attendees can expect to meet over 100 exhibitors in the only dedicated event for frozen and chilled food professionals and will be able to seek advice on implementing new transportation regulations.

TCS & D hope attendees will learn the latest trends and issues. Plus, by having the leading companies within the industry available, attendees will be able to build strong new and existing relationships.

During the anticipated exhibition you can expect to see innovation, creativity and new technology. Opportunities will also include a free-to-attend seminar programme with presentations from leading industry professionals.

Meet Up With Handsfree Group

Handsfree Group will be attending both of these popular exhibitions and hope many of the industry contributors will too, we look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces.

Please feel free to contact the Handsfree Group sales team to arrange a meeting to discuss any requirements that you have.