Refuse collection and recycling is a critical service provided by councils across the country. But things aren’t quite as simple as the old days when the dustmen would show up every week and empty your dustbin.

These days, with a greater focus on recycling, co-ordination of refuse collection is more complex. It is therefore crucial that the transport office at Preston Council keep in touch with their drivers regularly.

Previously, the transport office relied on contacting drivers via their mobile phones. This proved unreliable. When out and about in harsh conditions, the mobiles tended to get damaged easily, and if the drivers left their phone at home or the battery was low, contact was impossible.

Total reliability

As experts in the field of mobile communications, Handsfree came up with a very simple solution by installing cab phones inside each vehicle. Because the phones are fixed to the dash, there’s little chance of them being damaged or lost. What’s more, since the phones remain fully charged, communication with the transport office is now much more reliable.

The Telit Roadrunner cab phones we installed are extremely robust, as well as simple to use, so drivers don’t have to worry about needless complexity. They can simply contact the office or other drivers at the touch of a button. Important numbers are preset into the system, so connection is quick as well as allowing the transport office to monitor outgoing calls.