The 90k Delivery Challenge

Adelie Foods is a unique business that creates the highest quality ‘Food To Go’ (FTG), delivering across the UK to its customer base. They make over 3,000,000 products a week, resulting in their fleet completing over 90,000 deliveries per month. Adelie wanted to help their employees improve the way they drive and promote safety, as many of these deliveries are made in busy times on busy roads.

Handsfree Group’s expert Datalive team recommended and supplied Mobileye to help Adelie Food. Mobileye technologies are proven to save lives, prevent collisions, and reduce fuel costs. The Mobileye system offers multiple lifesaving features in a single package, empowering drivers to mitigate and avoid collisions while improving driving behaviour.

Protected Fleet

It is a well publicised fact that over 93% of all crashes are due to human error. A vast list of the world’s best-run fleets already trust Mobileye to keep their drivers and vehicles safe when travelling. These include Coca-Cola, ICEE, Veolia, DHL, Kon, CR England, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, UPS and Dart Transit.

Following the specialist installation, Adelie Foods join over 20 million other vehicles worldwide already equipped with Mobileye technology, which helps keep their fleets safe.

Adelies Third Eye

In just a split second, the real-time scene interpretation inside Mobileye Collision Avoidance Systems analyses different objects in the path of the vehicle, classifying their meaning and determining if action is required. This is promptly displayed back to the driver using both visual and audible alerts.

It has always been a top priority for Adelie Food to ensure their employees attentiveness when on the road making deliveries. Their drivers now have enhanced ‘peace of mind’ thanks to Mobileye playing a crucial role of an ever vigilant third eye, helping to make journeys safer between customer deliveries.

Breakthrough Technology

Adelie Food decided to invest in the supply and installation of Mobileye after Handsfree Group demonstrated the system’s breakthrough lifesaving driver alerts. The expert Datalive team showed how Mobileye plays the role of a very dependable drivers third eye, through its artificial vision sensor and proprietary EyeQ chip.

At the heart of the FTG industry is distribution. The safety of our drivers, of other road users, and of the communities we serve is our top priority. We have an excellent safety record but Mobileye will give us an extra layer of protection, as well as ensuring drivers constantly meet the incredibly high standards we expect of them.

If a vehicle in front brakes suddenly, for example, Mobileye will automatically alert the driver providing additional time to avoid a rear end shunt. We are already getting fantastic feedback from drivers who have trialled the system in their vehicles to date and found it both highly effective and straightforward to use.

Glenn Buick
Distribution Manager