The Challenge

Wheeldon Brothers run a fleet of thirty skip and bin loader specialist vehicles. Their team of expert drivers have to travel between multiple locations and manoeuvre in some very challenging spaces, at busy times on a daily basis. Wheeldon Brothers wanted to help their team improve the way they drive and promote safety, while making every effort to reduce vehicle running costs through being more efficient.

The specialist Install and Datalive team at Handsfree Group recommended, supplied and installed a fully recordable 1 Tera-byte multi-camera system, to all thirty specialist vehicles to help ensure the Wheeldon Brothers vehicle crews are working safely.

Improving Vehicle Safety & Driver Awareness

The company’s new ‘Handsfree Group TECh’ multi-camera system consists of up to five infrared CCTV cameras, which cover virtually every angle of the vehicle – rear and forward facing, near side blind spot area, and downward view of the working area. All camera views are displayed on a cab-mounted monitor with an integrated tamper-proof Digital Video Recording (DVR) system. The new system empowers drivers to mitigate and avoid collisions with other road users and pedestrians, while protecting Wheeldon Brothers from false insurance claims.

A Fleet Manager’s Ultimate Tool

Wheeldon Brothers also chose to go ahead with the Datalive Fleet Tracking system to help the transport manager run their vehicles more efficiently, by increasing productivity and significantly reducing running costs.

We provided Wheeldon’s fleet manager with our fully integrated Datalive telematics system. We customised a portfolio of data and reports that he will be able to use to better plan routing and work schedules more efficiently, saving him time and money.

A Drivers Communication Partner

A Wheeldon Brothers driver needs to be contactable, as schedules and site circumstances can change at the last minute. We recommended, supplied and installed the Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Car Kit, as inbound vehicle phone calls can be easily and safely received using the dashboard mounted Parrot control panel. With the CK3100 in place, they have much more ‘peace of mind’ that their drivers have the equipment to be able navigate their routes between and around sites safely when on essential calls.

Safe On The Road

Following the specialist installation made by the Handsfree Group dedicated Datalive project managers and FITAS certified Install team, Wheeldon Brothers have improved the way their employees drive, communicate and promote safety, while significantly reducing their vehicle running costs.

Handsfree Group provided an exceptional level of service and tailored a solution that was specific to our needs. Our fleet is much safer on the roads.

John Wheeldon