Handsfree Group are excited to share an update of our ongoing collaboration with Advantech, in our Press Release available on the Advantech website. The article discusses how the Handsfree R5 Fixed Vehicle Device, joined with Advantech’s in-vehicle technology and vast partner ecosystem, will stretch the boundaries of The Emergency Services.

“Handsfree Group selected Advantech as a strategic key supplier for developing a Fixed Vehicle Device (FVD) for the United Kingdom (UK) Emergency Services Network (ESN). The two companies (along with multiple other suppliers and partners) have collaborated to produce a Fixed Vehicle Device branded “The R5” – consisting of a User-Interface (UI) Touchscreen and Control Unit. The purpose of this device is to improve public safety and mission-critical responses to emergency situations; in-line with the requirements of the ESN User Organizations.”

“Being the leading provider of in-vehicle computing systems, Advantech has all the technology elements and a vast partner ecosystem in place to move the project forward very quickly. For instance, partnering with one of Google’s 3rd party laboratories, Advantech was able to help Handsfree achieve the most important mandatory requirement by offering the Android operating system and GMS/EDLA certification right from the beginning of the project.”

You can read the full Press Release HERE.

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