I don’t have a memory of the Queen as such. But in 1997, I did take part in the Prince’s Trust for the Prince of Wales, along with my sister and two friends, at Manchester Opera House. We didn’t meet Prince Charles directly, but he watched the show, and he came on the stage at the end to thank everyone for taking part.

I was 12 at the time and was involved through the Girl Guides. A select number of Guides from across Manchester were asked to take part in a little section of the show with Julian Clary. We carried our flags and walked across the stage. If you were quick, you could see a little glimpse of me on the TV! We got to meet a few different celebrities at the time (very briefly). Namely the Spice Girls who opened the show, and of course they were massive at the time. We were HUGE fans, and I remember Mel C was the nicest of them. Also, Gary Barlow who was genuinely lovely.