Handsfree Group Co-Founders Scott Cassell and Matthew Johnson discuss the shared successes from 2021. The duo further express their aspirations and expectations of Handsfree Group in 2022, including upcoming product launches and technology firsts.

Looking back at the successes of 2021.

We would like to express our gratitude to our new customers and long-standing clients that have continued to stay with us throughout 2021, despite the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team has worked hard to deliver on our values of leading in vehicle technology, innovation, and customer care. Handsfree Group have continued to develop our company, welcoming industry specialists in management, testing, quality, security, and sales. We have curated driven individuals, to create a stronger team that you can rely on for your vehicle technology needs.

Our Installhub in York completed a great number of large projects during 2021. Most notably, the specialist conversion of 11 new London Heathrow Airport Ramp Vehicles. Handsfree Group were also integral to the rollout of DPD’s Electric Vehicle fleet – installing safety, security, and communication technology into their new vehicles.

One of our biggest achievements of this year has been our R5 LTE Fixed Vehicle Device – built for mission critical communication through PTT, voice, and data. Within a year, we have taken our product through design, development, testing, certification, accreditation, and assurance. The Handsfree R5 has received Google, Motorola, and EE certifications. To go from concept all the way through to a certified solution within a year is a huge feat which we are incredibly proud of. Especially since this product will revolutionise the interoperability of mission critical services, transforming the way that tens of thousands of first responders communicate daily.

What to look forward to in 2022.

Moving into the New Year, we are looking forward to building important relationships with partners in system integration, software management, and product manufacture.

We will be expanding the reach of the R5 from the core Emergency Services of Police, Fire, and Ambulance into non-critical services such as Search and Rescue, Mountain Rescue, Border Force, and Highway Patrol. Leading them into the transition from narrowband to broadband. Our expert team will be demonstrating the functionality of the R5 device at multiple exhibitions across the UK, US, and Europe. First up, the BAPCO Annual Conference & Exhibition in Coventry, on the 8th-9th of March 2022.

Handsfree Group will also be releasing multiple new products this year that are already turning heads. Firstly, we will be introducing ‘Smart Cabinets’ to store handheld rugged devices used for POD (Proof of Delivery), with in-built software to manage the devices. Secondly, a new addition to our security range for vans; we will be releasing a high-security platform, designed for the most prominent delivery fleets in Britain. Engineered to reduce theft at the cargo area of vans by preventing criminals from prying off the doors. We are very excited about this product and have already begun demonstrations to our customers.  

As we recover from the worldwide pandemic, and see our staff returning to the office, Handsfree Group are looking forward to engaging with our team in 2022. Not only through social events and belated festive celebrations, but also through our charity and environmental commitments – as we raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity, and continue our ‘Drive Towards Sustainability’ through our Environmental and Social Governance pledges.

We look forward to achieving more with you by our side in 2022.

Sincerely, Co-Founders Scott Cassell and Matthew Johnson.

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