Nationwide Delivery Challenge

DFS have the biggest range of sofas in the county and strive to ensure every customer receives unbeatable quality and an outstanding service.

With over 45 years experience, DFS are committed to providing their exceptional experience right from the initial sale through to the final delivery of their furniture into a customer’s home.

The sofa company have a fleet of over 450 vehicles across the UK. Their drivers have to travel between multiple locations nationwide and in busy times, on a daily basis.

DFS always strive for best practice, this is why they wanted to help their employees improve the way they drive and promote safety.

Precise Monitoring

DFS were on the search for a vehicle camera system which increased the companies awareness and understanding of driving safety and protection. They also wanted to ensure they had real-time transparency of their driver’s whereabouts and delivery routes.

The specialist Install and Datalive teams at Handsfree Group supply tailored vehicle technology solutions, customising for clients on a case-by-case basis. Following their consultation, Handsfree Group advised and recommended to DFS the TECh 4 Camera 3G DVR system as the perfect system to install across the busy DFS fleet.

The precise GPS monitoring in the 3G DVR system provides real time access and recorded footage of vehicle journeys. The 3G specification means that the fleet manager can remotely access the DVR data, so he can monitor real time vehicle locations and see audio / video surveillance of a driver’s behaviour.

Exceptional Vehicle Technology

Handsfree Group’s installation of the 4 Camera 3G DVR system, across DFS’s fleet, was extremely successful. The innovative system is designed specifically for the support of large fleets and covers virtually every angle of the vehicle and help to eliminate blind spots.

All camera views are displayed on a cab-mounted monitor with the integrated tamper-proof 3G Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

The system provides visual surveillance around the vehicle and is equipped with real time remote audio and real time vehicle locations (GPS), helping drivers and fleet managers increase safety and efficiency standards.  The new system will empower drivers to avoid collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians, which helps to mitigate company risk while protecting DFS from false insurance claims.

A Safer Future

This new installation will reduce vehicle running costs and insurance claims, meaning DFS can focus on providing their exceptional service to customers nationwide, reassured they can look to a safer future and safer road for their employees.