The 3 challenge

Hutchison 3G, widely known as Three or 3, was one of the final mobile phone network operators to start their 4G rollout. With over 10,000 masts stretching across the UK they have doubled their network over the last 8 years. Increasing their 4G coverage is critical to ensure they can retain their strong consumer market share, in such a highly competitive space.

Three (3) needed to enable their MABNL sites, making them ready to host Samsung LTE equipment so they can achieve the 4G boost they need. The specialist Dynamic team at Handsfree Group provided expert 17th edition’ electrical, I&C support and services for the MABNL phase of cabin installations, power connections and rigging.

Support services

The experienced Dynamic team also needed to set up a fully equipped and dedicated Hutchison 3G logistics hub. It was important to the project that the new hub could also be used as a secure storage facility, for free issued site materials and equipment returns.

Training services were provided by Dynamic to Field Engineers on the Hutchison 3G project, in how to use custom mobile Apps to confirm completed project deliverables, like the submission of various website JotForms.

Logistics and implementation

It was necessary for Dynamic to have close collaboration with an external TrakTrans Admin team, who were responsible for granting and booking access to the implementation sites across the South of England, through the ARQIVA Gateway. The logistics and and implementation of 114 cabin installations, power connections and rigging were successfully handled by the Dynamic team, on time and with reductions in project costs.

Time and cost savings

The rigging, installation, warehousing and logistics services that Dynamic provided Hutchison 3G reduced the projected implementation time and subsequently yielded cost savings.