The Watling Challenge

Watling JCB engineers are required to drive between multiple locations on a daily basis. These essential trips are often being made during busy times, and on busy roads. Watling JCB wanted to help their engineers improve the way they drive and promote safety, while making every effort to reduce vehicle running costs.

The specialist Datalive team recommended, supplied and installed Mobileye to help Watling JCB, as Mobileye technologies are proven to save lives, prevent collisions, and reduce fuel costs. The Mobileye system offers multiple lifesaving features in a single bundle, empowering drivers to mitigate and avoid collisions while improving driving behaviour.

Safe on the road

Following the specialist installation made by the FITAS certified Datalive team, Watling JCB join a vast list of the world’s best-run fleets that trust Mobileye to keep their drivers and vehicles safe on the road. These include ICEE, UPS, Dart Transit, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Veolia, CR England, DHL, and Kon.

Over 93% of all crashes are due to human error. To date, over 10 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology.

An engineer’s third eye!

Watling JCB have always made every effort to ensure their engineers attentiveness on the road.

However, With Mobileye in place, they have much more ‘peace of mind’ with an ever-vigilant third eye helping their engineers navigate their routes between depots safely.

Mobileye collision avoidance systems perform real-time scene interpretation, analyzing different objects on the road, classifying their meaning and determining if action is needed – all in a split second. This is reported back to the driver through visual and audible alerts.

The technology

Watling JCB chose to go ahead with the Mobileye aftermarket collision avoidance system after they saw the revolutionary lifesaving driver alerts demonstrated by Craig Thomas, Head of Datalive. Craig demonstrated that using an artificial vision sensor strategically installed in the vehicle, and the Mobileye proprietary chip, called EyeQ, the Mobileye System was able to act like a driver’s third eye.


Watling JCB integrated the Mobileye System with Datalive tracking and telematics.  Integrating Mobileye with Datalive has allowed Watling JCB to use the data generated by Mobileye to help assist with driver training.

We promote driver and public safety, Mobileye has proven to be the right product for the Watling JCB service vans.

Jason King
JCB Director