The emergency services depend on reliable vehicles to get them to the scene on time and deal with any given situation. Technical problems can naturally cause disruption and, in the worse case scenario, loss of life.

Handsfree are contracted to carry out full electrical system checks, every 12 months, on a fleet of 260 Prime Movers and 78 Incident Response Units.

Scheduling maintenance for emergency service vehicles is often fraught and challenging. The unpredictable nature of the service means that vehicles need to be used at short notice and schedules are frequently disrupted.

To save time, Handsfree produced a detailed audit sheet that tests and records every part of the electrical system. This equipment audit sheet was produced in collaboration with the manufacturers and operators.

Any problems observed are reported back to Handsfree and forwarded on to central command. Depending on the type of fault, the vehicle will be taken off road and booked in for emergency maintenance. In the case of non-critical failures, the vehicle will be booked in at a designated time.

Maintenance with convenience

The efficient coordination of such a project is crucial, since vehicles can only be booked off a run for up to two hours in a day. As a result, electrical checks are often booked in during routine maintenance sessions at local service centres.

Handsfree guarantee a 48-hour turnaround to book in an engineer and complete electrical checks anywhere in the country. All checks are finished within an hour, with audit paperwork filled in and transferred within 24 hours unless faults are found.

If faults are found in the communications equipment, Handsfree are booked to carry out the repair work if time permits. If the vehicle is needed back in operation, then service work will be scheduled in as required.