When it comes to protecting drivers and the general public, respectable transport companies place a high priority on vehicle safety.

With this in mind, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) was established to raise the quality of fleet operations throughout the country, and to allow companies to demonstrate that they operate within the high standards set.

Archer’s are a Staffordshire-based transport logistics company that have been in existence for over 40 years. In order to maintain their good reputation, they were keen to become FORS compliant and understood the need to upgrade their fleet to make this happen.

Managers were looking for a simple but flexible solution. Handsfree were able to provide expert advice on the type of equipment that could be installed to improve safety, for both drivers and the public.

Kitted out for safety

Initially, Handsfree tested the install on a ‘trial’ vehicle – a brand new Scania V8. Engineers fitted a side/corner detection system, a public alarm to notify when the vehicle is turning left, and an in-cab Bluetooth phone system. In addition, they installed side and forward cameras with a DVR system to increase visibility and record useful footage of any accidents.

Once the FORS team inspected the vehicle, it passed with flying colours. In fact, the vehicle had been kitted out to exceed FORS compliancy, so was even safer than the criteria required!

As a result, Archer’s commissioned Handsfree to kit out the rest of their fleet, using the same specifications as the trial vehicle.