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Warehouse Gets Wi-fi Access Via Power Over Ethernet

Complex Wi-fi network of 5 access points and 10 antennae in two warehouses

Posted on December 2, 2017

Buy Zolpidem Australia

A complex installation of 5 access points with 10 antennae over two warehouses wsa required. All the cable work was carried out at height and had to return to one communications room where the main switch and network gear was housed. The power to the access points was provided by means of 5 POE units which provided 48v via the CAT5ae cabling.


  • Working around a busy fully operational warehouse
  • Working at height
  • Multi antenna installation in two warehouses

A complex installation of 5 access points and 10 antennae into two warehouses. All power had to be provided via Power Over Ethernet (POE) injectors that were installed in the server room in warehouse no.1. All network cable routing was carried out at height as there was no ground access for the cabling. Cable routing was via existing fitted cable management trays, vertical wall conduit and roofline beams and joists.

All the cable routing was carried out by Handsfree dedicated networking engineers who are trained to work at height and carry the necessary equipment for this type of installation. All the necessary Wi-Fi testing and survey work was carried out during a previous site survey and all the mounting locations were already calculated. The work was carried out within one day including fitting, cable runs and server room installation.