Exceeding Industry Standards

Oliver Kay are passionate about sourcing the finest fresh produce and ingredients from across the world and delivering it safely to all their customers throughout the UK. They have a strong commitment to quickly and efficiently distribute their orders nationwide, maintaining their outstanding customer service. They strive to ensure all of their fleet delivery vehicles have the highest levels of BRC accreditation and exceed industry standards.

To continue their advancements in transport, Oliver Kay has worked with Handsfree Group, UK distributor of Mobileye Collision Avoidance, installing the exceptional system across the Oliver Kay fleet. They also agreed and specified the installation of Handsfree Group’s TECh 360 degree camera package, to help ensure they continue their investment in protecting drivers, other road users and pedestrians.

Improving Driver and Public Safety

Oliver Kay vehicles are now equipped with the new ‘Handsfree Group TECh’ 360 degree multi-camera system. The market leading system consists of up to five infrared CCTV cameras, which cover virtually every angle of the vehicle – rear and forward facing, near side blind spot area and downward view of the working area. All of the camera views are displayed on a cab-mounted monitor with an integrated tamper-proof Digital Video Recording (DVR) system.

The multi-camera system is able to successfully assist Oliver Kay drivers when they deliver fresh produce in challenging areas, such as shops, pubs and schools.

The Future of Oliver Kay

Oliver Kay’s fleet drive to multiple locations on a daily basis, often during busy times on busy roads. They strive to keep their drivers safe and secure when on the road, to continue their efficient six day a week distribution.

This priority drove Oliver Kay to have the Mobileye Collision Avoidance System installed in their delivery vehicles. The decision will benefit Oliver Kay’s future deliveries by enabling their drivers to safely maintain their excellent service to customers nationwide, while adhering to transport industry standards.

Handsfree Group UK’s Confidence

Handsfree Group’s installation enables Oliver Kay to sufficiently improve the way their employees drive and provide safe deliveries. The Mobileye installation will alert drivers of potential forward facing collisions, provide pedestrian proximity warnings, while further exceeding standards with total visibility through the 360 degree camera package.

The FITAS certified Install team at Handsfree Group UK are confident that these new installations will empower Oliver Kay drivers to mitigate and avoid collisions with other road users and pedestrians.

We aim to be proactive in providing our employees with vehicle safety products. This is why we have forward facing cams in all our fleet and always look at innovation in the industry. Craig Thomas introduced Handsfree Group’s TECh 360 view system and we absolutely love the product as did our insurer.

Chris O’Connor
Operations Director