Market first

Handsfree Group have helped Guernsey Police with the installation of critical communications, a detainee cage, and external audible / visual alert equipment, into a Nissan NV200. It was essential to Guernsey Police that the bespoke conversion was completed, and the new Police Van was in service within 3 months.

The Nissan NV200, has previously never been converted into a Police vehicle, therefore the specialist engineering team at Handsfree Group had to design a bespoke solution. Our accredited engineers successfully achieved this, and exceeded Guernsey’s Government Standards.


For over 10 years Handsfree Group have helped UK Emergency Services with the conversion and installation of critical communications and security equipment into service vehicles and mobile command centres, through their expert Alert division. The specialist FITAS and FCS accredited Alert vehicle install team handled the Nissan NV200 installation on-site, and on time.

Bespoke solutions

The Handsfree Group Alert Engineers designed a market first ‘NV200’ secure fitting solution for the detainee cage, resulting in our installation team being able to make the fitment on-site and in line with Guernsey Government standards.

The team managed to also isolate radiation from the NV200’s interior by building an external antenna solution into the overall specification and install, which assures robust communications signal and reception, even in the harshest and toughest situations.

Tech PT5 phone system

The Alert team  installed Pei tei’s new market leading ‘dual TECh PT5 fixed cab phone system’. The TECh PT5 system satisfies the highest government standards for emergency vehicle use, whilst ensuring that Police Officers are able to remain in constant communication with their respective command centre and Police Station.

The TECh PT5 was the chosen solution for Guernsey Police, due to its unique emergency service features, that enable open-line surveillance, intercom capability, and outbound calling by passenger Police Officers in the front and rear of the NV200.

Total solution provider

Our installation team we’re responsible for applying full vehicle livery, which included Battenberg patterns on the exterior of the Nissan NV200.

In collaboration with Handsfree Group  engineers, the Alert installation team equipped the NV200 with a full range of audible sirens and emergency blue light units, completing our bespoke installation for Guernsey Police.

Handsfree Group provided an exceptional level of service and tailored a solution that was specific to our needs. Our Police Force now responds faster and effectively than ever before.