Specified-day delivery service pressures

Summertime UK E-commerce related parcel delivery volumes increased 15% year-on-year. Next-day delivery services also reached an all-time high, accounting for 36.5% of all online orders.

This meant added pressure for Parcel delivery companies on specified-day services, however, the percentage of successful on-time deliveries remains unchanged at 90%.

Essential vehicle technology for parcel delivery

With the peak holiday season around the corner, the leading UK courier giants will need extra drivers and short-term rental vehicles to ensure they deliver the massive quantities of packages a day. Handsfree Group are ready with a comprehensive range of essential equipment and technology to help support safe and efficient peak on-time deliveries.

Christmas is the peak season for courier companies, and online shoppers will be expecting more than ever in parcel delivery. The CEO of a major UK parcel delivery company confirmed they alone delivered 3.5M UK parcels last year in just the 4 days around black Friday and cyber Monday.

Rugged PDA and Tablet in-vehicle solutions

It’s a given that equipping peak drivers with rugged PDA’s or Tablets such as the Motorola TC75, the Honeywell CT60 or Panasonic FZ-N1 is essential. These need to be used safely, charged and protected; when in the vehicle.

The specialist install project team at Handsfree Group have vast experience helping parcel delivery companies through peak, with a high-quality range of PDA and tablet cradles, docking stations and dedicated mounting solutions.

What types of solution are available?

Whether you need a temporary self-fit removable solution that drivers can install themselves, or a fully assisted specialised installation from our team of FCS accredited FITAS 1362 install engineers, we are ready and able to help you.

Handsfree Groups TECh range of device-specific cradles and docking stations are designed to be heavy duty and durable. All solutions are specified with safe charging and secure device docking.

What high-quality assurances should I look for?

The TECh range of cradles boast LED Power Indicators across the range, so the driver is assured their PDA or tablet is charging, an internal voltage clamp which prevents over-voltage to the device and an internal voltage regulator which ensures consistent output voltages are maintained.

Each cradle and docking station mounting screw fastens into a precision brass bolt, which is fixed during injection moulding for maximum strength. The six locating bolts mount to the supplied backplate which then attaches securely to a steel chassis for a rigid and accurate fit.

A locating ’pin’ ensures the device cannot be inserted incorrectly and multiple security bolts provide added strength. An internal auto-reset switch prevents any risk of a short-circuit across pins and the tamper-proof screws, with anti-vibrate and shake-proof washers, ensure the device remains secure when the vehicle is in motion.

For self-fit cradle solutions, the Mounting Plate is securely fitted to the vehicle using a high-quality suction cup, which attaches to the vehicle’s windscreen.

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