As the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) deadline approaches TfL announced Fleet Operators will have more time available to fulfil the specification requirements. This means the users can and must apply for their permit by 1st March 2021, before the completion of the installed safe solutions kit, provided the equipment order has been placed. Operators will have an additional 90 days to ensure all kit has been installed.

If you have not yet had the kit fitted, you will be applying to be added to the “allow list” which will prevent fines being issues for those vehicles entering the enforcement area.

To clarify the deadline has NOT been extended you STILL need to apply for your permit by 1st March 2020.

Next question……

What do you need to do next?

All fleet vehicles that are zero star rated are required to install safe solutions equipment, to meet the criteria and apply to join the Allow List enabling you a further 90 days for installation completion you must follow these steps –

  • Operators must submit evidence from the installer/garage on branded documentation including details of their appointments and vehicle registration number/s before 1st March 2021.

Email and send the attachments to

  • TfL will review the request and send written confirmation of the outcome. If the request is successful, the vehicle will be added to the “allow list” and avoid penalty charges for infractions of DVS Safety Permit requirements for up to 90 days after 1st March 2021.
  • Operators requiring safe systems MUST take action before 1st March 2021 to ensure that work is scheduled.
  • Those informing TfL of a delay following this date will not be eligible for the grace period.
  • Once the safe system equipment has been fitted, you must follow the DVS Permit Application process along with the required photographic evidence. Follow this link to complete your application

Our DVS team are here and happy to discuss, help and advise operators at any step along the way in preparation for the new legislation.

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