When it comes to onboard weighing systems, how much do you know?

In the UK good’s vehicles are subject to strict weight restrictions. By not adhering to these limits you will be at risk of receiving heavy fines, no doubt something we would all want to avoid.

Efficiency is key to the day to day running of any fleet. With an Onboard Weighing System Fleet Managers will have the ability to quickly check and record the weight for any outgoing vehicles ready to get on the road safely.

Operating overweight vehicles matters, aside from the potential fines you may receive, you should also consider the following –

Road Safety   

If your lorry is overweight your ability to stop in the cause of an emergency will be hindered, your stop distance will be extended, the weight will also affect the steering of the vehicle.

Road Wear and Tear

The biggest single cause of excessive wear and tear on the UK roads is caused by overloaded trucks and vans. Resulting in higher costs for the repair, maintenance and upkeep on the roads, meaning an unnecessary hit on the economy.

Weight Restrictions

Weight restrictions will vary from one LGV or HGV to another. Be clear on your limitations, you can find further information about the maximum weight for you fleet here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guide-to-lorry-types-and-weights

Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

Now let’s talk about the benefits and why an onboard weighing system should be considered an essential piece of kit for your fleet.

  • Cost efficiency

You will improve processes, which will ultimately save money. Minimising man hours through the automated system. No risk of Police fines for overweight vehicles.

  • Improve Productivity

Quick and easy weight indications, so you will intuitively know if your vehicles are overweight or close to being at maximum restriction resulting in improved productivity and a smoother operation

  • Accurate measurements

The display will accurately show the weight of the vehicle and where necessary the connected trailer. Set notices for vehicles within the weight restriction, close to limit and those loads that have taken you overweight.

  • Vehicle Safety

Improving fleet safety for your drivers and other road users, through this system you will have peace of mind your vehicles are leaving the forecourt without the added risks caused by overweight vehicles.

Connection through your Telematics system to allow communication via both systems, this is easy and reliable with the added option to set triggers and alerts.

What Should you do Next?

Van and truck user in the UK, Handsfree Group have the ideal Onboard Weighing solution for you. Speak with our Sales team to discuss the best options for your fleet and receive a no obligation quotation.

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